The Underhall family had their beginnings in the slums of *********. Generation after generation, their family were paupers. On occasion, a family member would get a job, but the other members soon turned on them in jealousy, doing all that they could to make the successful member feel inferior or at the very least like he was treating the rest with disdain. This pattern continued for decades until one young woman decided she was fed up with the status-quo of the family. While her family was begging on the corner, Mary Underhall spent her time in local psychic’s booth, learning the art of charlatanry. The elderly man who ran the booth trained her in both trickery and real magic. She had quite a knack for it and soon surpassed her teacher. Once he had realized she had a gift for the arcane and a light hand, he gave her what came to be the Underhall family’s most treasured possession, a box of harrow cards. In Mary’s hands, the cards seemed to move of their own accord. Her perceptive eyes and silver tongue allowed her to play her customers like a fiddle, coaxing out more and more coins from their pockets. Just as any member of the Underhall family, she soon became a target in their minds.

Mary avoided the family until she believed she had gained enough power, then began to work the subtleties of the streets. More and more of the family found jobs, and soon the complaining and shaming stopped, replaced with a hunger for more power. Mary worked behind the scenes, charming business owners, sleeping with gang leaders and watching the future for trouble. Slowly, the Underhall family grew in power in the city, sticking to the shadows and dirty work. When the time came, Mary placed their name in the running for nobility and pulled all the strings she had available to place them into a position of power.

As Mary herself grew older, she took a husband. Of course, this decision had been planned and calculated, and the children she bore had strong magic affinity. She raised them in the art of divination and speechcraft, eventually bestowing the most promising with her set of harrow cards. The current Patriach is Askil Underhall, a merchant, but he is Patriarch by name only. The family is truly run by his wife, Jordan, current bearer of the deck.

Sigil: http://i.imgur.com/JX8gR0h.jpg

True Patriach: https://orig13.deviantart.net/b405/f/2010/233/1/6/renaissance_german_noble_woman_by_costurero_real.jpg


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